Being Responsible

KEEN's Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

The KEEN Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

At KEEN, we believe in encouraging everyone to create, play, and care...for us it’s a way of life, we call it HybridLife.

However, living the HybridLife also comes with a very real sense of responsibility, reliability, and transparency. Internally, we have challenged ourselves to consider each choice we make, because once we re-think our options and when we take that first step, all sorts of new possibilities appear.

This way of thinking has allowed us to push the envelope of corporate social responsibility around three key areas: Environment, Community and Growth. We are proud of our progress-to-date, but we also realize that our successes will yield challenges for the future.

If our first five years in business indicate our future intentions, then we are off to a good start. However, we remain humble in our quest for continuous improvement.

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