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A New Season of Terradora

In your TrailFit world, a rainy day just means empty trails and extra exhilaration.
Terradora shoes are equipped to take you from off-the-beaten trail to urban sidewalk with the
perfect combination of style, on-point fit, and waterproof performance.


TrailFit is more than a workout. Because when you’re outside, you’re in sync. You’re connected to Mother Nature, to the trees, to the fast pace of the city—to the energy of your environment. So take it outside, on any trail you choose.


Designed For A Woman's Foot

Immediate Comfort

Immediate Comfort

Lightweight, flexible construction and a lower
collar height encourage freedom of movement
without sacrificing support.

CHELSEA YAMASE TrailFit Ambassador
Chelsea Yamase

"It's not just about staying fit. It's about demanding your fit."

Acceleration And Deceleration

Get the best of both worlds: efficiency and speed on
uphill climbs, cushion and protection on the way
back down.

Elise Sterck TrailFit Ambassador
Elise Sterck

"Terradora flexes with my foot and delivers grips I can trust—exactly what I’m looking for in an active shoe."

Acceleration and Deceleration
Women's-Specific Fit

Women's-Specific Fit

Designed for a woman's foot, with a glove-like
fit and a cushioned panel to take pressure off the Achilles.

Meg Haywood-Sullivan TrailFit Ambassador
Meg Haywood-Sullivan

"This is a shoe I can effortlessly wear from the trail to the airport. It’s the perfect travel shoe."

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