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Jason Rawles

North Wales, United Kingdom
I've been a KEEN Ambassador since 2016

Day Job


I’m the Chief Adventure Officer for a company that helps businesses and leaders to be more effective and also runs adventure and outdoor experiences. Mainly based in North Wales, UK but have traveled across Europe and even to Las Vegas.

My Passion


Is to help everyone, regardless of age/sex/race/ability/job, to see that adventure is an amazing platform to a better life. Whether it be in work, with family, as part of a friends group or building more confidence to #GetOutside. You can extract so much from being outdoors and playing in the wonderful world of nature.

I’m also passionate about supporting the people of Nepal. I’ve trekked and climbed in The Himalaya and am always humbled by their attitude to helping others even though they’ve had a rough deal with the earthquake. They rarely ask for help, it’s in their nature to help others, and I’d like to ensure I do my part to support their needs as they have supported mine.

What I want To Accomplish


Life is dynamic so it’s a hard question to answer! The more you see, the more you want to do, and so the bucket list gets bigger. For me (at the moment) it’s all about balance…what I’d like to accomplish is a better balance between seeing family (they are spread over the UK) so I get to see my Nieces and Nephews grow up and have adventure in their lives.

What I’ve Done Already


I’ve been so fortunate to see some amazing places and do amazing things. From high altitude mountaineering in Nepal, to watching the sun rise on beaches in Borneo, to ice climbing in the Arctic Circle. I’ve flown around the world with business and also had to scrimp and save to put food in the fridge. I’ve seen life from so many different perspectives.

Where I Hang Out

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